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June 10, 2022

gem, stone fruit, and shelf full of worlds
posted by soe 1:43 am


Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. I had a book on hold for me at the main library branch here in D.C., which I had yet to properly explore since it fully reopened. I picked up my book plus an impulse pick off the new fiction shelf, bought a tea from the cafe for a mere $2, and took myself up to the new rooftop terrace, a garden oasis five stories above the street. While lying on a bench next to a patch of lamb’s-ear, getting acquainted with a new character, I was hit with such a wave of fondness for this city, where they value libraries so highly as to conceive of this haven for their residents.

2. The first sweet cherries of the year

3. We finally shifted some things so we could slot an old bookshelf into a new spot and fill it with books that had been sitting in bags.

Whats’ been beautiful in your world lately?

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