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May 29, 2005

lazy sunday
posted by soe 1:36 pm

My goals today were small — to visit the farmers’ market and buy strawberries and milk and to paint my toe nails.

I’m halfway there. Today’s yield includes:

  • Three pints of strawberries (They are sugar bombs. Apparently it will be a long strawberry season this year, because the cool spring meant more flowers. One pint is already gone, and I can’t guarantee that the second won’t be finished by the end of the day. And we had two chocolate-dipped strawberries from the blueberry scone family while we were at the market.)
  • A half gallon of milk (After a week’s worth of store-bought milk, I’m glad we’re back to Adam Cook’s delicious dairy products.)
  • Several crowns of broccoli (bought from Eli Cook, Adam’s brother)
  • A small eggplant
  • Two blueberry scones (already a fond memory)
  • A bouquet of spring-colored flowers (a snapdragon, four poppies, and two bachelor’s buttons)

And I bought a new nailpolish yesterday, so I should have freshly painted nails this evening. But I think I’ll wait until after I’ve taken my bike ride and had my post-ride shower before I do that. Might as well limit the amount of touch-up I need to do.

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