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October 26, 2021

top ten bookish halloween costumes
posted by soe 1:48 am

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic from That Artsy Reader Girl invites us to share a Halloween-themed list. I thought I’d share ten bookish characters who might be fun to dress up as, since you’ve still got most of a week to put together your costumes:

  1. Phryne Fisher: 1920s society girl/detective from Kerry Fisher’s mystery series
  2. Pippi Longstocking: Swedish wild child and red-haired bad-ass from Astrid Lindgren’s children’s books
  3. Pippi and Her Pet

  4. Anne Shirley: Speaking of red-haired children, puffed sleeves are in fashion in this year and I can’t help but think of her every time I go to a clothing store.
  5. Dobby the House Elf: Fashion yourself some long ears and pair them with a bathsheet or two and mismatched socks. (The Harry Potter universe is a goldmine of Halloween ideas.)
  6. Max from Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are: Add a tail to a union suit-style of pajamas and top the look off with a crown.
  7. Harold from Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crocket Johnson: Speaking of onesie-pj’s, pair this with an oversized violet coloring implement, and it won’t take someone long to guess. I’d probably replace the crayon with sidewalk chalk myself.
  8. Nancy Drew: Pair a sweater-set and skirt with a magnifying glass, and you’re all set. (Actually, if you can get your hands on a magnifying glass, you can probably get several years’ costumes out of the way: Sherlock Holmes (combine with a trench coat), Harriet the Spy (combine with a notebook), and Miss Jane Marple (combine with a shirt-waist dress and knitting project) immediately spring to mind.
  9. Arthur Dent from Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Put on your bathrobe, grab a towel, and add a notebook on which you emblazon, in your most comforting font, “Don’t Panic!” Bonus points for carrying a cup of tea or getting the number “42” somewhere into your costume.
  10. The Cat in the Hat: Make a red and white striped stovepipe hat out of construction paper, tie a jaunty red bow around your neck and fashion yourself some cat ears and a tail.
  11. Princess Magnolia from Shannon and Dean Hale’s The Princess in Black series: Combine a black top and leggings or a skirt, a black mask and cape, and a crown, and you’re ready to go. Bonus points for transforming your unicorn, Frimplepants, into your trusty steed, Blacky, by giving him a black mask, too.

Got any other bookish Halloween ideas?

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I love that photo! How fun.

My post: https://lydiaschoch.com/top-ten-tuesday-halloween-picture-books/

Comment by Lydia 10.26.21 @ 7:42 am

Master has given Dobby a sock. Dobby is free!

(Sorry…I can never help myself…)

My list— https://fiftytwo.blog/2021/10/26/ttt-book-covers-that-were-scarier-than-the-book/
Happy TTT!

Comment by Lori 10.26.21 @ 3:57 pm

This is a great list of ideas! A few years ago, my husband went to a comic con as Arthur Dent. The people who knew got it and loved it. Others thought he was strange to walk around in his pajamas and a bathrobe.

Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

Comment by Pam @ Read! Bake! Create! 10.27.21 @ 5:29 am

These are such fun ideas!Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

Comment by Poinsettia 10.27.21 @ 2:28 pm

Sometimes I wish I had friends who loved Halloween and books as much as I do. I’ve seen some awesome bookish costumes! Unfortunately, I don’t have anywhere to go on Halloween. 🙁

Comment by Aj @ Read All The Things! 10.28.21 @ 10:37 am

I think I could manage Arthur Dent. 🙂

Lauren @ Always Me

Comment by Lauren @ Always Me 10.28.21 @ 2:27 pm

The year the teachers’ costume idea was villains I went as Annie Wilkes from Misery. There was another Annie teacher as well!

Comment by raidergirl3 10.30.21 @ 6:45 am