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June 13, 2021

a baker’s dozen of possible tdfkal shawls
posted by soe 1:37 am

I’m no closer to deciding what to knit for this year’s Tour de France knitalong than I was last year. But I promised to share some of the things I was thinking about, so, I thought I’d give you some of the 1-2 skein projects I’m looking at tonight and then share the 3+ skein projects later on. The links all go to Ravelry, should that be a helpful piece of information to you.

There are more here than I expected. And normally I would have Rudi help me filter them down and then bring them to you to help me decide. But he’s in bed and you’re always here (in a sense), so there we go.

First up is the XO Shawl. It’s knit with one skein of sock yarn and one of a silk mohair (both of which I should be able to wrangle out of my stash).

The Seladonia Shawl would give me the push to finally learn brioche

Either Winterberry, Crunch Time, or Orkidae Shawl would use two skeins of the same color. That gives me at least one option, but possibly just that.

Kingston Lacy could be knit in either fingering or lace, which gives me several options.

If I knit the Little Rainbow Shawl, I’d probably combine a solid with a gradient, rather than using mini skeins, which I don’t own.

Full Charged comes from the designer I knit my purple and pink 4-Ever in Blue Jeans shawl from two years ago.

Stonechurch is another mosaic design (colorwork done by slipping stitches, rather than knitting with two colors on the same row), which I seem to be attracted to a lot this past year.

Flowers in the Air is knit with a mohair blend and uses beads. The beaded socks I started knitting earlier this spring quickly went sideways, but I don’t really think that was the beads’ fault. Wispy Shawl doesn’t have any beads to complicate things.

Escanda uses just a single skein of sock yarn.

Hennes combines a solid and a variagated or self-striping skein.

What do you think? Do any of these catch your eye? Or, even better, have you made any of them yourself?

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I haven’t made any of these shawls (and thanks for directing me to some I need to have on my list!). I find myself quite taken by Winterberry, especially as I see some on Rav that were made in two colors. I also like Henness but I don’t like the cabled edge AT ALL. And my third choice would be Fully Charged, but totally depending on your colors. The designer used some really neon-bright colors which I like a lot but don’t like the shawl as much in the more muted ones used in the projects.

I love being invited to participate in your looking and mulling! And I’m eager to see what you pick in the end.

Comment by kayT 06.13.21 @ 8:33 am

Flowers in the Air is very delicate and pretty. The Little Rainbow is totally adorable. I like the “power” of Full Charged, but it would have to be the right colors. My favorite is probably the Seladonia, but I particularly like that blue and the way it’s offset by the pink, so the color might be swaying me as much as the pattern. I don’t know if it helps much, but those are the four that caught my eye.

Comment by Karen 06.13.21 @ 12:06 pm

It is hard to resist Winterberry. The solid shows of the yarn and pattern beautifully. I will have to check out more of your options. It is fun when someone has already categorized them.

Comment by kathy b 06.13.21 @ 9:36 pm