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May 31, 2021

memorial day weekending: the midway point
posted by soe 1:28 am

It’s been two damp, chilly days up here in New England, more in keeping with early April than the conclusion of May. But I’ll take unseasonable weather with my folks than lovely weather without them. However, if the weather gods could cooperate on Tuesday to give us a dry spell to take care of some outdoor tasks, I’d be appreciative.

Mum and I snuck out on Saturday to buy plants for her garden, but I came home with several more vegetables for mine, as well. We’ve watched movies and baseball and listened to music. Dad and I wrestled for a bit with his computer. We’ve read and I’ve knit and there was a fire. Mum has made mountains of food.

Tomorrow, Karen and I will meet up. We’ll find some lunch, we’ll walk along the river, and we’ll catch up. The forecast depends on the site as to whether we’ll be dry or have showers periodically drip on us. Either way, it will be fine, because I’ll get to spend time with her.

I can’t wait.

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