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October 28, 2008

a few of teri’s favorite things…
posted by soe 1:10 am

My mail carrier has had a busy few days. Last week, swap pal Teri shared some of her favorite things in an exchange organized on Ravelry.

Each of us was supposed to pack up both some handmade and some store-bought items that we were particularly fond of ourselves and send them off to share with a fellow knitter. All I can say is that Teri has very good taste:


First, she picked the perfect card. You might need to click over to Flickr to make this shot bigger so you can see that the girl on the card has three cats, is lounging on her sofa while chatting on the phone, and likes fun hats. Perfect!

A Full (and Fulled) Bowl

Teri knit and felted that bowl in a fantastic shade of pink and then even provided something to fill it with. I will admit that its contents were soon emptied and have been refilled several times already!

Colinette Jitterbug in Monet

Also included was pretty yarn I’ve never tried in a colorway I love (Monet. Doesn’t it totally make you think of his waterlilies?). I enjoy looking at it so much that I’ve yet to tuck it into my stash. It’s still sitting on my desk where I can stop and pet it every so often. Teri also thought to look at my queue of Ravelry projects and printed out the pattern for the one at the top of the list (ruffly ankle socks). Additionally, she sent me a great British knitting magazine that had a Christmas-related pattern supplement included!

Treats and Trinkets

Finally, she included a lot of great little things that just make packages fun. Even Jeremiah tried to figure out how he could abscond with some of it… Two flavors of tea (both are quite good!), two flavors of a local coffee, nice smelling soap, more chocolate, a bath soak, and Knitters Hands, which went immediately into my knitting bag.

Favorite Things Swap Booty

You have to admit — I am a very lucky girl! Thank you, Teri. I love it all!

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What a lot of wonderful things. I’m so glad you shared the pictures. You ravelry folks have a lot of fun! Say hi to my friend, Peg!

Comment by Nan 10.28.08 @ 9:32 am

What a great package! I totally love your Waterlilies yarn.

Comment by Debby 10.30.08 @ 3:58 pm