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April 5, 2021

notes from the garden: early april 2021
posted by soe 1:53 am

In the last week, the garden went from looking like this:

End of March Gardening

to looking like this:

Easter Gardening

Partly it’s because I spent a good portion of this afternoon digging up sections of my bunching onions and shifting them to the fenceline so I could put in the flat of new plants Rudi and I bought yesterday. (I added a couple new herbs, celery, yellow onions, strawberries, and flowers.)

And partly it’s because things are finally really starting to grow.

We have violets:


We have peas:

Pea Shoots

And we have spring greens:


I love this time of the year at the garden. You can really see the difference at every visit!

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Once the gardens get going it really feels like spring here. We have been promised warmth today and the next few days. Possible storms and I love that kind of weather. My clematis has buds already! A tree I though was a goner, a seedling, is coming back wonderfully. I think we really appreciate the colors after a dark, lonely winter

Comment by kathy b 04.05.21 @ 11:17 am