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March 25, 2021

wrapping up unraveling
posted by soe 1:13 am

Wrapping up Unraveling

With last week’s realization that I’d need to figure out how to solve my Sock Madness socks, I decided to spend some time revisiting old projects and wrapping them up. Maybe this weekend you’ll get some modeled stripey socks. If I’m productive, you might also get these Smock Madness. I’m a repeat away from the toe decreases, which means less than two hours until two finished pairs this week. That would be a nice feeling.

I’m also wrapping up some books that I’ve had lingering around the house and that the library is now adamant about wanting back. Sal and Gabi Break the Universe is a perfectly enjoyable middle-grade read (thanks for the recommendation, Rebs!), and, in any other situation, I’d have been done with it right after I borrowed it from the library. This being what it is, it keeps getting put aside and buried under work and whatnot near my couch.

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I like that sock! The colors are just so soothing! I love the smocked stitches as well! The ingenuity of knit designers never ceases to amaze me!

Comment by Kat 03.25.21 @ 6:59 am