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October 9, 2008

handoff, howdy, and lucky placement
posted by soe 7:16 pm

Three beautiful things from the past week:

1. Rudi hands me hot apple cider twice this week as I talk on the phone late at night.

2. A curly-haired little girl (who reminds me of Kim’s Katherine when I last saw her two years ago) runs up the sidewalk in front of me. She stops to admire small scarecrows decorating a restaurant’s front step.

3. A haircut and a pedicure had me outside on 18th Street in the early evening. I pause to make a phone call before heading home and notice a sign announcing a free chocolate tasting at a shop I’ve never visited. I met the chocolatier, who lives in town, and sampled four of her truffles — a cream-free butter chocolate, a maple-syrup filled chocolate, a coconut-almond filled chocolate, and an olive oil and pine nut white chocolate. Yum! Seriously, all were terrific!

What’s been beautiful in your life lately?

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Mmm, those truffles sounds delish!

Comment by Sarah 10.10.08 @ 6:30 am

Let’s see if thinking of three beautiful things will improve my mood today…

1. The foliage!
2. Saw the lowest gas price I’d seen in a while this morning.
3. My Starbucks chai this morning, a beautiful thing in and of itself, was free.

Comment by Kat with a K 10.10.08 @ 9:31 am

Perhaps you will have a little child of your own some day(?)

Comment by Alicia 10.11.08 @ 8:47 pm

Has it really been two years?

Comment by Kim 10.12.08 @ 12:12 pm