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October 3, 2008

my d.c.: crafty bastards
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Silver Lining Penguins

Crafty Bastards, the annual craft fair sponsored D.C.’s weekly alternative newspaper, was last Sunday. While craft fairs are a traditional fall occurrence around the country, events such as Crafty Bastards, which leans toward younger, edgier crafters (as the name might suggest), tend to crop up in large cities, such as D.C., Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.

Bust a Move!This was my third or fourth year attending Crafty Bastards, which, in addition to offering up handicrafts for sale, also features local food vendors, a craft supply swap, charity haircuts, bands, and break dancing and skateboarding competitions. It’s always a fun time with a lively vibe and lots of eye candy. What more could you want from a craft fair?

This year, other activities had me tied up until late Sunday afternoon and I found myself racing toward Adams Morgan with less than an hour left of the festival. Most of the side festivities had gone by the wayside by the time I arrived, and vendors were keeping an eye on darkening skies and making preliminary moves to start packing up. The break dancing competition was still going on and a few skateboarders were attempting jumps on the tennis courts, but generally things seemed to be drawing to a close.

Biggs and FeatherbelleOwly Shadow Puppets

I scurried around to see who all was there, but still managed to take a few photos for you. I also started my Christmas shopping. Hooray!

Final ApproachWoolarina Yarn

Just after 5, the rain moved in. Luckily, that closing time for the festival. Until next year!

You can find more shots from both 2007 and 2008 here.

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