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January 24, 2021

notes from the garden: january 2021
posted by soe 1:08 am

January Gardening

My garden looks dead, but it is not. I harvested some rosemary today. There is also still lemon balm and peppermint. My sage has some tiny leaves on it, so I heaped leaves around it to encourage it to think warm thoughts. I believe some of my tiny leeks are still alive, and I definitely saw that some of the greens I’d planted were making an effort, as is the omnipresent sorrel. I pulled down the rest of the bulbless onion grass stalks, which are strawlike, and added them to the beds to protect what’s already been sown and might be growing under the leaf litter I leave as mulch. If I’d been smart, I would have constructed a low tunnel or cold frame earlier in the season to see if I can actually harvest greens through the winter. Maybe next year.

This little pansy, which I planted Labor Day weekend, was also still giving it its all:

January Pansy

I also found several fluffy seeds, which I’m guessing are milkweed. They wouldn’t get to stick around in my plot, so I re-sent them on their windy way.


I’ll start to think about planting peas next month. If there’s a warm weekend in February, I’ll get some in then; otherwise, I’ll sow the first round in early March.

I will say that the nice thing about a mid-Atlantic garden is that you don’t have many months where there isn’t something you can harvest.

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I love your nail polish! Is that glitter? I put some polish with glitter on my toes once and when I took it off OMG glitter!
And that pansy is a mighty thing; I am admiring it very much. A reminder to all of us to just keep on keeping on.

Comment by kayT 01.24.21 @ 8:44 am

That’s so nice. There are many many too many months with NO growing . Winter hits hard in Wisconsin. . But our snows have been just a few inches at a time. Nothing we cannot handle. There is barely enough ice on the lake for those who like to ice fish and ice boaters . They are warning DO NOT GO ONTO The ICE yet. IT needs to freeze to 3 inches before it is safe. Yikes. I just don’t go out there at all

Comment by kathy b 01.24.21 @ 5:17 pm