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September 24, 2008

monday morning music (for me): welcome fall!
posted by soe 10:59 am

Since I was sick Monday and yesterday, I missed both Monday Morning Music and the autumnal equinox (a word to be admired for having both an “x” and a “q” in it). So we’ll celebrate today. You don’t mind doing it again, do you? I’ll give you two songs just so you don’t feel slighted.

The first is Cheryl Wheeler’s “When Fall Comes to New England”:

And while I disagree that Virginia is the best of 13 sisters, you can’t beat Eddie from Ohio’s “Old Dominion” for its heartfelt pep (this may be the only video clip of this song on the internet, otherwise I never would have picked it, as the quality is questionable):

(If you’d like to hear a better version of the song, EFO has given the Internet Archive permission to house archives of their live shows. “Old Dominion” kicks off this concert.)

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We need a fall comes to DC song. I am hoping that it comes soon.

Comment by Mia 09.24.08 @ 1:17 pm