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August 28, 2008

apparently some people do care about bad grammar
posted by soe 12:47 pm

Two acquaintances from the Dean Days have been roaming the country, correcting the irksome misspellings and typos found on public signs.

In a case that should chill the heart of teenagers everywhere who fail to perceive the danger of posting every action on the internet, Ben and Jeff were recently arrested because of a blog entry.

Apparently while they were in Arizona back in the spring they stopped at Grand Canyon National Park, where they fixed some punctuation problems on a sign, which, it turns out, was not appreciated by the Powers That Be. Someone alerted the officials to the blog post, in which Jeff and Ben discussed what they’d done, and the former roommates were arrested.

This week in Phoenix, they were sentenced to probation, banned from national parks for a year, and ordered to pay $3,035 to repair the sign. My question is: How will the National Park Service fix the sign — will they go with the correct grammar or add in the corrected edits, but in an appropriate yellow color to match the original text?

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So… they’re charged a lot of money to fix a sign because they already fixed that exact sign?

Seems an “emense” miscarriage of justice if they are forced to pay to restore the original errors.

Comment by Grey Kitten 08.28.08 @ 2:14 pm