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October 12, 2020

coffeeneuring 2020: ride #1
posted by soe 1:36 am

Coffeeneuring 2020 Stop #1

Saturday marked the start of the annual seven-week-long Coffeeneuring Challenge, which pairs riding bikes and drinking hot beverages (not at the same time). It is an enjoyable rite of fall, and you can even take your hot beverages with you, as long as you stop in different spots to drink them each time. Find the rules here if you’re interested in riding along.

For Five Coffee Roasters
2000 L St., N.W.
Saturday, Oct. 10, late afternoon
Conditions: Overcast, but dry

For Five Coffee Roasters

An afternoon nap and COVID hours on Saturday meant my options were limited as I headed out after four. For Five Coffee Roasters had opened in the West End earlier this year and it seemed reasonable to stop in before they closed at 5.

There are several rectangular bike racks on that block, so I had no problem locking up right outside. Their patio was full, but I haven’t gotten brave enough to eat outside yet anyway, so I wasn’t worried.

Even if you didn’t know this was a transplant from NYC before you arrived, you could figure it out when you arrived. It’s all black and silver and sharp lines and hip pre-corporate vibes.

For Five Coffee Roasters

They had somewhere in the range of 10 loose leaf teas, including a Nepalese option, which is what I chose. The tea was hot and strong, and I don’t know what else you could look for in a cuppa. I give them kudos to having black tea options other than English breakfast and Earl Grey.

When asked about contents of the bakery case, the barista confided he really liked the cinnamon buns. Probably earlier in the day they were delicious. However, after sitting out under a heat lamp all day, mine turned out to be dry and uninspiring. I’d definitely keep time of day in mind in the future if considering dessert, since nothing is covered.

For Five Coffee Roasters

However, I did ask the barista about their hot chocolate and he informed me they make it with chocolate ganache. So I’ll definitely be back to try that option.

I walked the bike over to seating area outside the nearby elementary school, where I could read eat and drink sans mask without worrying about being in others’ vicinity for a while. I then biked over to Trader Joe’s and stopped at the garden, as well, to pick tomatoes in the fading light.

Mileage: 2.15 miles

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Well well well. If I only lived nearer you! Fireman would not do this type of fun ride. I won’t ride alone..But I will pass it along to all my cycling pals in Wisconsin

Comment by Kathy b 10.12.20 @ 7:06 pm

This looks lovely. Unfortunately it’s still near 90 most days here. 🙁 What a fun time this looks like!

Comment by Christy 10.14.20 @ 4:10 pm