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October 10, 2020

solo weekend planning
posted by soe 12:03 am

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Rudi is off to see his mom tomorrow, braving two flights to Salt Lake City. He’s going to stay for a while, which will be great for his mom and will let him breathe in some mountain air for a while.

Corey and I will be holding down the fort here in D.C. and will spend our time trying to clean the apartment a bit, knitting, and working through the large pile of library books I have checked out. I do not have any boxes of cereal in the house, so I guess I’ll also have to do the cooking; you’d think Corey could at least take care of the dusting, wouldn’t you?

Next week I have 25 Zoom/Teams meetings (many of them virtual conference workshops/lectures) over the first four days of the week, so this weekend I will try to spend time outside, off screens, particularly tomorrow, when the weather looks to be drier. Rainy weather will mean phone calls, laundry, and baking.

What are you planning to do this weekend?

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It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, so my sister is over from NS. We closed up the cottage this morning. Tonight my parents, sister, and nephew are coming for a chicken dinner with apple crisp. And daughter who moved out with her boyfriend is also bringing her almost-vegan self for some food. Tomorrow we head to my husband’s family at The Bay for a turkey dinner, with Ron’s siblings. I hope to get a few pumpkins from the garden. Monday I think my mom is having my family for dinner. Whew, I’ll be rolling into school come Tuesday, with probably no correcting done.
Have a great weekend!

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