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October 7, 2020

october planning
posted by soe 1:00 am

We are now months and months into pandemic shutdowns, travel restrictions, and general malaise. In an effort to keep these last months of the year from spiraling into a hot mess, I thought I’d come up with a list, similar to the ones I often make for weekends, of things I’d like to accomplish each month. I will not get mad at myself if I don’t cross items off, but if I get stuck this gives me a physical place to turn to to see what I could work on.

I’m surprised to report that I actually did a pretty good job with my September list. I think I may have missed a week of bike riding and the MLK Library opening wasn’t actually open to the public (although I have since stopped by the outside of the building, at least). But otherwise, they all have firm checkmarks next to them.

Now, on to October’s list. This month, I’d like to:

  • Finish another knitting project. It would be awesome if it were the Halloween socks, but I’d also be happy if it were the pair of socks I was trying to finish before the Tour de France.
  • Start coming up with a game plan for Christmas gifts. I don’t have to decide about everyone, but with only one income, mail slowdowns, and the possibility of spending the entire month of November mourning a terrible election outcome, it would be smart to get on this now.
  • Speaking of that horrific potential outcome, spend time each weekend in October doing some sort of election activity. Right now, writing postcards still make sense, but I’m sure as it gets closer to the end of the month, I’ll need to switch to texting/making phone calls. (It’s that important.)
  • Send out at least three packages. I have the pieces spread across my living room, but haven’t gotten them in boxes and out the door.
  • Bike to coffee shops in the area as part of the annual Coffeeneuring bike challenge. It’s good to have traditions, and I’d like to support some of the shops that have opened in the last year, particularly the mom & pops and the Black-owned businesses.
  • Send another load of donations to Goodwill.
  • Take a day off and see some fall foliage. I’d love for it to be on Skyline Drive in Virginia’s Shenandoahs, which I’ve never visited. But it’s possible that their autumnal adornment will conflict with a work conference, so I might have to compromise with some local fall color.
  • Close my work laptop by 5:30 4 days a week. I might need to compromise and open it back up again after sundown, but I definitely need to work on getting outside during the daylight now that the sun sets before seven.
  • Write at least two Into the Stacks book review roundups. I’d love to actually get an entire year’s worth of reviews written and it would help if I spent some time this month getting caught up. I hate writing book reviews, but love having them written. I just need to learn to pen posts in my sleep.
  • Organize a Zoom call with my college friends. We had one in the spring and it feels like now would be a good time to check in again.

How about you? What’s on your October bucket list?

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