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September 28, 2020

all good things must come to a close
posted by soe 1:45 am

September Sunset

And so, too, it is with my long weekend. Turns out four days is really the minimum number I needed. But I’m going to schedule another one in a couple weeks, when the foliage starts to turn, so Rudi and I can take a drive up to Skyline Drive.

And I have full weeks off at Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to. (Wear a mask, people, and stay away from crowds. I’d really like to be able to see my family before the end of the year.)

I didn’t get everything done this weekend that I’d hoped to do, but there was gardening (and the surprise zucchini!), a bike ride, a little shopping, the beach, knitting, apple picking, pizza, ponies, several movies (including the charming Enola Holmes on Netflix), National Book Festival sessions on YouTube, cider doughnuts, political postcard writing, fairy lights, a visit with a friend, a tomato tart, painted toenails, and ice cream, among other things. Which now that I list them out does sound like a pretty full four days.

I have a new boss starting tomorrow, a vacancy filled that I’m hopeful will eventually mean giving me a little breathing space to actually start getting work done again during business hours, rather than just managing everyone else’s work. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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