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June 26, 2008

sharing, shelled, and a thousand points of light
posted by soe 11:51 pm

Today’s Thursday, which means it’s actually time for three beautiful things from the past week:

1. Two teenage girls stand on the Metro, splitting ear buds between them. Their bodies sway both to the motion of the train and to the beat of their shared music.

2. I never liked peas as a girl, except when they were fresh from the garden and consumed raw. They’ve grown on me as an adult, but they are still best when plucked from a vine in the garden. I pick several pods to take home, but cannot help but sample one on the spot. I run my nail along the seam, revealing four fully formed, pale green orbs. I pop them into my mouth and savor the sweet solidness that is a raw pea, grown myself.

3. Rudi and I head to the garden at sunset on Thursday night. The first fireflies of the season flit across the playing field, blinking their existence.

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Garden at sunset does sound beautiful. Glad to read that you’re doing well, and so is garden. Miss you 🙂

Comment by Sarah 06.27.08 @ 3:25 pm