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June 2, 2020

posted by soe 1:17 am

Seems Obvious

I’ve started several drafts trying to talk about the unrest here in D.C. and across the country.

I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that the president has declared martial law in my city and has brought police forces in who do not answer to my duly elected officials.

I am trying to come to terms with the role my white privilege plays in the larger concerns over racist policing and governmental policies, as well as my own cowardice at thwarting the curfew and going to join people whose anger I believe is justified and their cause righteous.

And I am trying to figure out what concrete steps I can take to help find real solutions to complex problems that seem outside of my hands.

But maybe the first one is to get involved with electing leaders again who want to glorify the good of the people, rather than themselves, and who are willing to put energy and resources toward finding consensus and real world solutions.

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I watched his speech last night. When it ended, I texted my husband at work and said, “I think we’re under martial law now.” It seems like many people agree.

It must be scary to be in DC right now, given that the leader of this country has no idea how to support the protests nor any desire to. He’s only igniting the distrust and fear that so many people are living with. I’m sorry.

Comment by Katie @ The Cozy Burrow 06.02.20 @ 5:44 am

‘Stay safe’ has been the go to phrase during the pandemic, but it feels so very literal for you in DC.

Comment by raidergirl3 06.02.20 @ 11:55 am

Whether to protest at home or in the streets is a difficult choice. Either way, please be safe. I am also trying to figure out what to do. Neither the systemic racism that prompted the protests nor Trump’s response can be ignored.

Comment by Karen 06.02.20 @ 6:34 pm

I can’t imagine how scary it is to be in DC right now. Stay safe.

Comment by Marg 06.03.20 @ 5:52 am