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May 19, 2020

top ten reasons i love my library
posted by soe 1:44 am

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic from That Artsy Reader Girl invites us to share our love of something bookish.

It doesn’t get more basically bookish than this:

The Top Ten Reasons I Love My Library:

  1. This is where they keep all the books.
  2. The D.C. Public Library hosts my weekly Twitter book club, #brownbagdc. They have other Twitter book chats, too, and added a few more while the library was shut down. They also added biweekly trivia nights.
  3. I still have a dvd player, and they buy dvds so I can watch movies without having to pay for them.
  4. They gave us three days’ warning before they shut down for the pandemic. This allowed residents to create a literary run on the bank, as it were, as the bookish folks did the equivalent of hoarding toilet paper. (There were more checkouts that weekend than during the entire month of February.)
  5. They let me stream movies on Kanopy and stream and download music on Freegal.
  6. They just eliminated late fees. (They already had a very liberal policy, but now fines are just gone.)
  7. When the library shut down, DCPL went into their online system and reactivated accounts that had been turned off. Too many late fees? No longer a problem for nearly 4,000 accounts! Expired account? Welcome back, 87,000 neighbors! And if you’ve never had a card, they allowed you to open an account to borrow materials online for the duration of the shutdown.
  8. The library will let you print materials for free (when they’re open). You can print things from their computers, or you can send things from your home machine/mobile device to the printer queue.
  9. They have reciprocity with most of the other nearby library systems. This means I’ve been able to add accounts in neighboring Maryland and Virginia counties, upping my ability to borrow materials — and, in the case of the Montgomery County Public Library, giving me access to Acorn TV for free.
  10. Pretty much every librarian and library staff member I’ve met at the two dozen branches I’ve visited have been super nice and helpful. The work they do is hard, as is any public-facing job. Urban libraries, in particular, though, operate as de facto daytime homeless shelters and the staff are as knowledgeable about social work resources as they are about what’s on the shelves — and they don’t get the recognition they deserve.
  11. And a bonus — their buildings are beautiful and often win architectural awards. They’re nearing an end of a complete gut of the main branch, and I’m so excited to see what aspects they bring back (the MLK mural? the clock?) and what new things they introduce. (There’s a slide, people! I’m so hoping they let adults use it, too!)

What do you love about your library?

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I have been a big library user over the years! I love that there really haven’t been that many books that I couldn’t get from the library somehow.

Comment by Marg 05.19.20 @ 6:36 am

It’s so cool that the D.C. Public Library hosts that chat for you!

My TTT .

Comment by Lydia 05.19.20 @ 6:53 am

Your library sounds great, I hope you get back there soon!
My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2020/05/19/top-ten-tuesday-264/

Comment by Jo 05.19.20 @ 9:35 am

I adore my local library!! I used to go every week, and I can’t wait until it opens back up 🙂

Comment by Emelie Voss 05.19.20 @ 3:14 pm

You’re making me miss my library!

Comment by Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse 05.19.20 @ 3:24 pm

I looked at a picture of your library and it’s beautiful! I just love libraries!!! Great list. 🙂
Here’s my TTT list.

Comment by Lectrice Vorace 05.20.20 @ 12:09 am

“access to Acorn TV for free”
I AM SO JEALOUS. My library has many great things too, but I really want to see Deadwater Fell and that’s the one place I know it can easily be found.

Totally agree on the DVD collection. I prefer that to streaming, because you get extras, which is especially important for TV shows. And I’m really grateful that my library buys so many new books. While it pains me that I have to hit up interlibrary loan for basically anything over 10 years old that isn’t an enduring bestseller, I do enjoy the high likelihood of being able to find anything that catches my eye on rec lists.

The BEST part about my library, though, is the Friends of the Library used bookstore space in the lobby. It’s an impressive set of shelving units full of donated and weeded books/CDs/DVDs/magazines for $2 or less, with a money box on the honor system. I’ve found lots of favorites there, and the turnover is decent too.

Comment by RS 05.20.20 @ 1:52 am