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March 29, 2020

notes from the garden: march 2020
posted by soe 1:34 am

March Garden Shots

Rudi and I did some more tidying of the garden plot this month. I find if I do a section at a time I hate it less. I hate it even less if Rudi does it.

The big tufty grass-like things are bunching onion grass that we planted one of our first couple years in the garden. The greens at the bottom are sorrel, which we also planted ages ago and which just reseeds itself.

Our herbs, which are at the back of the plot, also mostly survived the winter.

This is the bronze fennel, which grew to a six-foot behemoth last year.

March Garden Shots

I’m still working on clearing this back section out, but there’s purple sage, oregano, and mint back, at the very least.

March Garden Shots

The strawberries and violets are doing well, but I’d like several more strawberry plants and haven’t yet found any.

March Garden Shots

March Garden Shots

I planted peas a month ago, and planted more last week, because a month gave me better insight into which peas had not come up. I plant half-rows of single types at the start of the season for precisely this reason, although I’m not always great about keeping track of which type is which. Some of my seeds dated back a decade, while others were new last year or this.

March Garden Shots

I also planted spring greens — chard, lettuces, spinach, kale, and some others. Again, I can tell you which things are in the garden, but maybe not which ones they are until they come up.

March Garden Shots

March Garden Shots

That second shot is from Friday, and the amount they’ve grown in a week is noticeable. They’re at the top of the previous shot.

Our bunny may be back, because I notice the seedlings I planted (kale and spinach) had been munched. Of course, I did also pull a happy slug off a spinach leaf, so it may not be vertebrates that are the culprit.

If you can plant something, even just in a pot, it feels especially good this year to see seeds coming to life. Peas and greens are hardy and can be outside well before the last risk of frost.

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OK! !YOU got me. I’ll plant some lettuces tomorrow!

Comment by kathy b 03.29.20 @ 7:00 pm

Lovely update! Thank you for sharing your pictures and progress. I can’t wait to see more of your garden as it grows!

Comment by Katie @ The Cozy Burrow 03.30.20 @ 6:09 am