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May 22, 2008

view, compliment, and testimonials
posted by soe 3:11 am

Before I head out to see the new Indiana Jones movie at the Uptown, I wanted to post my Three Beautiful Things from the past week:

1. Monday night we went to see the Nationals beat the Phillies. While I was wandering the stadium looking for food (I eventually found where they hid the knish stand), I got the chance to see some of the views Taxation without Representation Park was supposed to offer — and at sunset. If you’re on the fifth floor, you can see the Capitol out over the outfield. And if you’re walking up the ramps in left field, you get a great shot of the Washington Monument — in this case, against a gorgeously deep pink sky.

2. It’s been chilly here this week, which means more time wearing the winter clothes I haven’t yet put away. On Tuesday, I wore my Every Day Cardigan — possibly for the last time this spring. I ate lunch with a bunch of coworkers I don’t see too often and one of them, knowing I was a knitter, asked, “Do you know the person who knit your sweater?” “Why, yes, I do!”

3. On Sunday, we attended a memorial service for Mike Shor, an older member of D.C. for Dean, the political group we all helped run. It was a touching afternoon, as his daughter and sister shared personal memories of his love of food, family, and the outdoors; his childhood pal talked of rainy hikes and animated discussions; and two fellow DC4D members offered insights into his political character. It was a touching and fitting send-off of a fine man.

ETA on Friday: Oops. I started my post on Tuesday and then forgot to adjust the time stamp when I published it. Thanks for pointing out the error, Mum.

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Certainly not an error – it’s just that I always look forward to it and couldn’t find it!!!! Love you. M

Comment by Mum 05.23.08 @ 6:04 pm