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January 17, 2023

top ten reading goals for 2023
posted by soe 2:07 am

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday from That Artsy Reader Girl invites us to share our reading goals for the new year. I don’t know that I have ten, but here are some of what I’d like to do:

  1. Read 52 books. This has been my Goodreads goal number for years, but I haven’t hit it since 2019.
  2. Read more of my own collection. We did some rearranging this fall and there’s now a bookshelf that’s entirely comprised of books I own, but haven’t read right in the middle of our living room.
  3. Listen to more audiobooks. I start a lot. And then I get distracted or I don’t finish them before they expire or … whatever. Anyway. I finished ten last year, and I think upping that number to a round dozen doesn’t seem unreasonable.
  4. Read more diversely. Last year, about a quarter of the books I read were by authors of color, and I’d like to think I could get that number up to at least a third without even trying very hard.
  5. Read more nonfiction. Last year, I finished three books, so let’s aim for five minimum.
  6. Read more internationally. Sure, British and Canadian count, but let’s try for a book in translation.
  7. Read more poetry. I love poems. And if you hurry me into a bookstore and give me only five minutes to buy one book, I’m walking out of there with a poetry collection, because I can definitely find at least one book with one poem in it that resonates in that time and if I can find one, I’ll find more than one. And that just means I own a bunch of poetry books that I haven’t read.
  8. Read at least two classics. Last year it was one. One of my 50 by 50 goals is to read a Russian author and The Master and Margarita was recommended to me, so I have to at least give that a shot.
  9. Put a book in every bag I own and read them instead of playing on my phone while I’m out. Also, consider finding a couple more pairs of the headphones that are floating around and throw them in, too.
  10. Actually review everything I finish. I peter out every year.

Okay, that actually wasn’t very hard at all, and nothing I’ve written here, other than the writing bit seems especially hard, so I’m declaring that a good set of reading goals for 2023. How about you? Do you have any reading goals?

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