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December 7, 2022

virtual advent tour 2022: day 7
posted by soe 6:00 am

Virtual Advent Tour 2022

Today marks the end of the first week of December, which probably means that those of us who are hoping to get things mailed should start hopping to it.

In addition, it’s one of the Advent days I look forward to most in D.C. — the Washington Post‘s Food section releases their new Christmas cookie recipes for the year!

We grew up making Christmas cookies — and eating those family and friends made every year. Like most people, I have cookies I associate with the holidays, even if there’s nothing stopping me from making them any other time of the year. Peanut butter blossoms, for instance. And spritz cookies if you make them in non-Christmassy shapes. But in my brain they’re seasonal cookies.

Christmas Cookies

Because most of our Christmas recipes are beloved hand-me-downs from family and dear friends, I don’t often add new recipes to the repertoire. But I love to peruse newspaper food sections and baking books and foodie blogs and bookmark recipes and imagine Someday and What If?

But this year, with no day job to get in my way and with pre-holiday plans few and far between, I’m thinking, Maybe This Year and What’s Stopping Me? After all, many of those beloved family recipes would have come from women’s magazines.

I’ve got cookie cutters I’ve never used and a bunch of decorations I bought in 2020 when the pandemic meant we did Christmas on our own for the first time ever. That year, I needed the traditional recipes. But this year, I’m thinking it’s time to add in some new things, as a metaphor for what I’m looking for in the other aspects of my life. There’s at least four pounds of sugar, five pounds of flour, and two pounds of butter in my kitchen.

I’m ready! (And I’ll share later in the Virtual Advent Tour if I find any winners!)

Do you have a favorite holiday recipe you make each December or a new one you’re excited to bust out this year? We’ve still got plenty of open dates that you could grab!

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