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July 11, 2021

a day at the beach
posted by soe 1:03 am

July 10th Bethany Beach Trip

It was a perfect day to spend at the beach. The air and water were both in the 70s. It was sunny, with very little breeze. There were enough waves to make the water fun, but not enough undertow to make it feel fraught.

A Goofy Guy Ran into My Ocean Shot

The beach was already packed when we arrived, but folks start to disappear in the late afternoon. We discovered they were all hanging out on the boardwalk when we went up to buy our ice cream cones just as the sun was setting.

The Beach at Twilight

We found a new-to-us brewpub up the shore in Lewes. Rudi enjoyed a flight of beers, including a sour beer flavored with piña colada, and I had a fantastic grilled cheese with peach preserves. There were other things we wanted to try on the menu, so we’ll definitely be back.

Feeling Just Beachy

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