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February 19, 2020

midweek music: ‘you’re still you’
posted by soe 1:03 am

You may or may not remember this tv show, Ally McBeal, from the turn of the century. It was a bunch of young, mostly well-intentioned Gen X lawyers who were gifted in the courtroom, but a hot mess in their personal lives. As with many shows at that time, it also had a phenomenal soundtrack (who knew before then, for instance, that Robert Downey Jr. had such a lovely voice?).

But this moment, at the end of season four, in 2001, marked a particular moment in time, when a teen whose prom date had dumped him at the last minute (I think he retained Ally to sue the girl, lost, and then brought Ally as his date) got up on stage to sing to the girl he’d loved and instead sang his way into the heart of America.

Josh Groban was only 20 when he made this appearance.

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