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April 11, 2019

pre-tax day unraveling
posted by soe 1:29 am

Pre-Tax Day Untaveling

Wednesday afternoons have mostly been pleasant recently, so I’ve been spending the time between my midday book group and my evening volleyball game at a pleasant cafe that’s along my bike ride between the library and home and close to a bike dock. They have a southern-facing patio that offers lots of sun and serve pots of tea and just enough tables to accommodate those of us who want to sit outside in the spring. Today, I opted for a bowl of yogurt and granola to accompany my tea.

This shot was taken early in my visit today, because I had not yet begun the heel flap, which I’m now past the halfway point on. It seems possible that I’ll be done with the pair sometime next week, depending on how much time I have to knit.

The novel is Maia Chance’s Gin and Panic, the third volume in her Discreet Retrieval Agency mystery novel. Set in Prohibition Era New York and featuring a young, down-on-her luck society widow and her Swedish former cook, the pair have founded a service, using detecting techniques gleaned from some of their favorite pulp magazine stories, in which they intend to retrieve items for people, often those belonging to Lola’s former social strata, and instead get themselves involved in (and often suspected of) associated murders. There’s a handsome gumshoe beau and an unhandsome gangster beau and lots of drinking and baked goods and costumes you can imagine straight out of Miss Fisher (except placed on a figure where the girdles are straining a bit more because of said baked goods). It’s light, fun fare and in this one the estate where the murder occurs is located in a fictional town not far from where I went to college, so I’m enjoying it. The fourth novel is already out and I think D.C.’s library system has a copy (or maybe has one ordered), so I don’t even wait for the next installment to be written!

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