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February 16, 2019

mid-february long weekend to-do list
posted by soe 1:41 am

I’m not sure why I’m excited by a long weekend, since right now every day is a weekend for me, but still I am. Over the next three days I’m hoping to:

  • Go see Jasper Fforde, who is promoting his new book locally on Monday. One of my gifts yesterday was a gift card to that bookstore, so I will be getting a book signed, too.
  • Catch up with some former coworkers for drinks on Sunday when they come to town.
  • Hit the farmers market. I’ve had several salads this week, so I need some more greens.
  • Put our new mattress pad on the bed.
  • Write about books here.
  • Bake a cake. My birthday baking got bumped by more social activities, so I decided to postpone it until either Sunday or Monday, when Rudi will be back to help me eat it.
  • Phone my brother on Sunday to celebrate his birthday and a friend whose call I missed yesterday.
  • Head up to one of the city’s indie bookstores that is celebrating its grand re-opening tomorrow after changing hands.
  • Clean out the fridge.
  • Dig out the bread maker. I’ve been buying bread, but I have the means, time, and ingredients to make it myself, so I really should.
  • Complete a couple books. Akata Witch will likely get wrapped up, as may The Woman Who Smashed Codes.
  • Finish knitting the sixth strip on my shawl and figure out if I’m doing a seventh one or not.
  • Watch some dvds. I picked up Top Hat, The Thomas Crown Affair, and The Awful Truth at the library this afternoon.

How about you? What’s on your to-do (or to-not-do) list this weekend?

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