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March 12, 2018

posted by soe 7:53 am

I dozed off last night, forgetting I hadn’t yet published my weekending post. So here it is, several hours later than it was supposed to be:

Sock in Progress (with Lemonade)

The weekend was productive in some ways, not in others. I’m not done with my sock, which means I have to knit a full sock, plus nearly half a second sock by Thursday at noon in order to advance. Given I have to work (and sleep) between now and then, that’s not seeming likely. I realized that at some point last night and then thought how I hadn’t advanced past the opening round since the year Gramma died and that thought hammered home that I missed her tremendously, which made me cry, which then made me think how disappointed Gramma would be in me that I was still so upset so many years later. (Which was probably the point at which I should have put down the sock or the cleaning supplies and gone to bed, but which was not.)

Spring Branches

However, I did cross several things off my list, besides the serious scrubbing of sinks and counters (there’s a rust stain that does not want to come off). My peas are planted, my overdue books are returned to the library, and my tea canisters are full. My nails aren’t painted, but they have been stripped of old polish so I can paint them tonight. I did see the art installation, but it made me angry, which is another blog post for another time. And I took full advantage of a sunny afternoon by drinking lemonade at a tavern and chai at a coffeehouse with patios that faced west.

Spring Garden Plot

So if we chalk up the tears (and the tardy post) to being overtired, I guess we can count most of the weekend as a win. Now I just have to muster the energy to face the week (which includes my annual review and the need to finish building a website) with some sense of positive energy. I think I’d better go drink my tea.

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