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August 2, 2017

weekending away (and an unfortunate return)
posted by soe 2:13 am

Rudi and I had a lovely weekend up in Connecticut visiting my parents. The drive north was relatively painless, and we got to see the new Tappan Zee bridge, which opens at the end of this month.

Late July Weekending

I read and knit and my folks stayed up late to keep me company on Sunday while I finished my project. We slept and ate good food and enjoyed my parents’ deck and gardens. My dad and I made scones. We went out for pizza. We drank daiquiris. We watched several good movies, including, to everyone’s surprise (except for Dad, who’d picked it out), Monster Trucks.

Karen and I got together for lunch on Saturday and got in a good stroll along the river. We checked out two Little Free Libraries, and although one tempted me with a Sarah Dessen novel, I felt virtuous in leaving empty-handed. Rudi biked out to join us, and he and I stopped for soft serve at a roadside stand on the way home.

Yesterday, we visited two sets of friends in New York before continuing our drive south. Again, there was some ice cream and some catching up.

We arrived home shortly before sunrise this morning and as we were cleaning up after the cats, Rudi noticed that the three-plus inches of rain D.C. received on Friday and Saturday had not left the Burrow unscathed. Realizing that it had already sat mildewing for a couple days, we decided the sane response was to go to bed and tackle it later in the day (I had taken today off, too). Our braided rug took the biggest hit, but we’re hopeful that draping it over the bannister outside with signs asking people not to steal it — and sprinkling it with a good amount of baking soda — will work. (A surprise rain shower shortened our remediation efforts today.) The other rug also got wet, but in a smaller area, so corners of it are propped up to get the air circulating beneath it. Furniture and containers are askew all over the living room, and various books and bags are drying on the radiator and on coat hangers hanging from the bathroom shower rod and towel rack.

Tomorrow is another day, though, so here’s hoping for a less Mondayish rest of the week!

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