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April 7, 2017

a lot of baseball, purple, and no guilt
posted by soe 2:38 am

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to recount three beautiful things from my past week:

1. My cell phone carrier gives its customers perks once a week. Sometimes it’s a few bucks off Dunkin Donuts, other times it’s a free movie rental. This week, though, was a free season pass to MLB TV, which will let me watch non-local games on my phone. While we’ve been part of a season ticket group to the Nationals since they moved to town, my heart lies with the Mets. And since the Nats games are blacked out, but New York is not, this is truly an outstanding gift. Plus, the New York tv games are hosted by two players and one of the radio announcers from when I was a teenager, so it’s really worked out for me. (At least it does until the Mets intentionally walk a player to load the bases. Then it’s just time to turn the game off, because chances are it’s over anyway.)

2. I was delighted to find, when I wandered down to the garden last weekend, that my violets were blooming. (A fifth of our plot is set aside for violets and strawberries.) I was so pleased to find them that I did all of what was supposed to be two weeks’ work, just because I knew there was a nosegay waiting for me at the end of it all.

3. Having enjoyed the series back in the day, we borrowed the Absolutely Fabulous movie from the library last weekend. The first part of the film was painful to watch and eventually we just decided there was no point to continuing on. We fast forwarded to the final couple minutes just to see how it turned out, but even then it didn’t really feel like we’d gained anything. But since we’d spent nothing to watch it, turning it off seemed like a win.

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