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March 7, 2017

early-march weekending
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Mural at the MLK branch of the D.C. Public Library

This weekend included a final trip to the main branch of our library, which has now closed for a three-year renovation, to pick up a bunch of dvds to watch during Sock Madness, which began on Friday.

There was a meandering walk home, including a stop at for chaider (a combination of apple cider and chai), potato-Parmesan focaccia, and a clover-shaped spritz cookie. I admired lots of spring flowers and flowering trees, even through the temperatures dropped back to February lows. (It’s good I admired the magnolias while I could. Their flowers literally died on the branch Saturday night.)

Saturday's Lunch

I listened to an audiobook and watched Paper Towns, did chores, and knit.

I bought broccoli at the farmers market and books at my local bookshop’s member sale. I planted arugula, Bibb lettuce, and four types of peas in the garden.

Early March Gardening

I welcomed Rudi home from his penultimate ski coaching trip of the season.

How was your weekend?

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