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January 5, 2017

yarning along and bout of books, days two & three
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Bout of Books 18

I haven’t been very good about getting around to other folks’ blogs to be social and cheer on their reading progress, so I’ll work on that tomorrow.

Day 2 Progress: I finished a second book! Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas by Stephanie Barron was my audiobook during December. I finished the last couple hours while washing dishes and knitting (not at the same time) during the first few days of the year. I hadn’t read this series in a while, and jumped way ahead for the seasonal book. But while the series is tied to Jane Austen’s life and career, it is mostly episodic, so one story doesn’t necessarily build into the next. I seem to remember having an earlier book in the series unfinished somewhere in the Burrow, so I’ll have to track down its whereabouts.

Day 3 Progress: I’m reading Nicola Yoon’s The Sun Is Also a Star, which was my first book of the year. I also read the first chapter of Sherryl Woods’ A Seaside Christmas, which I suspect may be as far as I feel like going into it right now. I’d picked it up as an impulse grab off the library’s Christmas display, in part because it was set on the Maryland shore, but it may be too cheesy for the mental state I’m in right now. (It seems to be the equivalent of a bad Netflix Christmas chick flick.) I may give it the rest of the second chapter to see if I care enough about the main characters to keep going, but otherwise it’ll head back to the library later this week, since I can’t waste eye-rolling on fluffy novels this month.

The 1st Yarning Along of 2017

I love when my knitting matches my reading. I cast these on back in October, when I was coordinating my yarn with a different book cover.

I’m down to the final two rows in Mum’s Christmas shawl, but it seems unfair to show that to you now. There was an error in the antepenultimate row of the pattern, which meant I ripped back 337 stitches unnecessarily. So fun, but at least I realized it was the pattern, rather than me, before ripping back a second time.

Yarning along with Ginny at Small Things.

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