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July 25, 2016

weekending in july
posted by soe 3:15 am

This weekend was a quiet, pictureless weekend filled with heat, heat, and more heat.

We watched the end of the Tour de France. It was an enjoyable bike race, and I’m now looking forward to the Olympics in a couple weeks’ time.

I went to the pool and enjoyed playing in the water. That’s where we were on Saturday evening, when a rainbow appeared in the sky.

We did some laundry. (We did not fold it and keep moving the lump of clean towels and blankets from the bed to the sofa. I assume we’ll deal with it properly tomorrow.)

I went to the farmers market and to the grocery store and to the library.

I picked our first larger-sized tomato from the garden. (We also grow currant tomatoes, which are roughly the same size as a pea.) It’s not fully ripe, but I lost two earlier in the week to either a squirrel or a hornworm, so wasn’t going to take any chances.

I read some (I’m two-thirds done with Modern Lovers, which is overdue.) and knit some (the shawl did not get finished by the time the Tour riders reached Paris, but I am in the stripes), but did neither enough.

We fixed the blender and had our first daiquiris in a couple years. We’re either out of grenadine or it’s hiding well in the back recesses of the fridge, and I forgot to buy whipped cream, but otherwise it was very good, and I had two glasses over the course of the weekend.

I did dishes and slept, and I’m now going to do them both again.

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