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October 14, 2015

ten on tuesday: weekending
posted by soe 12:53 am

This weekend was a holiday one for me, so we headed north to see family and friends and …

  1. Left the beaten path: We ended up leaving on Saturday morning rather than Friday night, so the trip allowed for an alternate route when road signs warned us of impending traffic snarls. We took to back roads for a while, which sent us through Newtown, Conn., and past this creamery. When you see an ice cream stand on a beautiful October Saturday, there’s really not even a question about whether or not you should stop. My cone is cinnamon and Oh Snap! (pumpkin with gingersnaps). Yum!
    Ferris Acres Farm Creamery
  2. Enjoyed fires in the fireplace.
  3. Made scones with my dad.
  4. Chatted with my folks.
  5. Met Karen for lunch.
  6. Read Scarlett Uncovered, which Dad found at his local library for me.
  7. Helped with some chores.
  8. Slept.
  9. Knit on my Halloween socks.
  10. Admired New England foliage.
    Connecticut Foliage

Blogging along with Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise and Carole at Carole Knits.

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