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September 16, 2014

mid-september weekending
posted by soe 12:55 am

Late-Summer Sky

This weekend was filled with:

  • The final Friday night concert at The Yards for the summer
  • Turning up for an early work shift at the garden to discover one of our fellow gardeners had gotten a jump start on filling the water barrels.
  • The latest Harry Potter re-listen coming available from the library.
  • An afternoon nap.
  • The members sale at my local bookshop.
  • Dinner at our favorite local pizzeria.
  • Out of bed and biking off to the playground to meet some friends to start the day.
  • A trip to the farmers market for a bunch of things including garden huckleberries, sorrel, and a foot-long Italian squash.
  • An almond croissant and a cuppa for brunch.
  • A s’more (made with a homemade marshmallow) and a cup of coconut juice (with coconut meat for later snacking) at a local street festival and meeting up with friends there.
  • Talking to my folks and knitting in the park.
  • Stopping for a cup of tea at a local bakery before biking home.
  • A few new-to-me episodes of a favorite tv show.
  • Chatting with Rudi as I ate my typical Sunday dinner of homegrown tomatoes and basil, mozzarella, olive oil, and baguette.
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