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October 7, 2013

the first weekending of october
posted by soe 2:10 am

This was a weekend full:

  • of colors natural and manmade;
  • of laughter and tears;
  • of roadtrips;
  • of quests;
  • of relaxation with books, knitting, and cats;
  • of people I love.

The Fruit Pickers

Fall-themed Nails



Also, I thought weekend roundups were a nice place to share my first ever bicycling challenge:

I am taking part in Chasing Mailboxes’ Coffeeneuring Challenge, which began this weekend and continues over the next six weeks. In it, I agree to accomplish seven weekend bike rides of at least two miles each roundtrip to different establishments that sells warm beverages and to consume one.

Yes, that’s right: I have to ride 14 total miles over nearly two months and to drink seven tasty beverages. I have found the perfect bike challenge!

Coffeeneuring Ride #1: Teaism
Saturday, Oct. 5

I started the weekend slowly, having slept past the event I’d planned to take part in on Saturday morning. I puttered for a while, did some chores, but failed to find any food that appealed. So, I thought, I could tie in my bike ride and coffee shop quest with a snack. By this point, it was later in the afternoon and my ride also had to include a stop at the garden, where my plants were awaiting water, parched after a week of sun and warm temperatures. Watering and picking vegetables takes time, though, even for such a small community garden spot as mine and by the time I finished up, it was getting close to 5.

My original hope for the day was to visit a coffeeshop nearby that I hadn’t yet tried. I took the L Street cycletrack over to L, but they’d put away their food. No worries, I thought. There’s a second location of Filter over by GW, and my phone suggests it’s open until 6. Not, apparently, on weekends, when it isn’t open at all.

Fine. I can start this week with a known entity: Bread & Brew is on the way home and they have a nice outdoor deck and tasty bread pudding (even if their tea leaves something to be desired). As I pedal up the hill, I notice the windows are dark and the patio deserted. They, too, were closed.

By this point, I’d pretty much given up hope, but then realized sometimes your heart’s desire can indeed be found in your own backyard: Teaism in Dupont Circle is 1.5 blocks from my house, but after all the other shops I visited, I completed the day’s ride with 3.11 miles under my belt.

I celebrated with chai and naan, my teahouse version of tea and cinnamon toast:

Coffeenuring #1: Teasim

(Weekending along with Amanda.)

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