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June 21, 2013

anomaly, illicit, and evenings out
posted by soe 12:31 am

This has to be quick. My alarm is set for 4 hours from now in the hopes I’ll get up in time to witness the first sunrise of summer. (I’d bet against me, too, if we were wagering, but I figured the worst that happens is that I ignore the alarm.)

So, with no additional fuss, the final three beautiful things of the spring:

1. We see an albino squirrel at a local park:

Albino Squirrel

2. Foraging for mulberries in the trees along national park property (technically illegal) at night on our walk home. In the dark, we use the flashlight app on my phone to find ripe berries and to avoid picking the bugs that were nearly as plentiful.

3. We’ve witnessed three sunsets this week: from a picnic with Sarah at the Yards on Friday, from the Georgetown Waterfront park on Saturday, and from the ballpark tonight. The skies were lovely (particularly this evening’s), and the weather all you could hope for in the final week of spring.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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