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January 12, 2013

three monthly resolutions
posted by soe 2:08 am

I’m appallingly bad at keeping annual resolutions, be they public or private, so instead this year I’m going to try something different: I’ve decided that I’m going to try to accomplish three things each month. If something is working but requires additional reinforcement, it can be carried over to another month, but if something isn’t working or has been accomplished, let’s cross it off the list and work on something else.

For January, my three goals are:

  1. Do not buy hot drinks in disposable cups. I am guilty of running out to the local coffee shop for a cup of tea when I’m lacking teabags at work, and the waste that creates is not insignificant. I will take ingredients to make hot beverages into the office and will also bring in a travel mug, for those instances when I truly am out of luck in scrounging anything to flavor my hot water and need to seek outside assistance.
  2. Attend a Tuesday night swing class/dance. We’ve talked about going dancing regularly for years, but rarely move anything but our lips. They hold weekly dances nearby, and I have eschewed volleyball for the next couple months in favor of a weekly date night with Rudi. Let’s start out right by getting to at least one this month.
  3. Get my reader card for the Library of Congress. I was supposed to do this last year and got only as far as filling out the pre-registration form. I will get my butt over to the Hill and pick it up sometime this month.

How about you? Do you make resolutions or goals for yourself? Are you any good at keeping them?

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