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October 25, 2011

gratitude: one more day edition
posted by soe 1:38 pm

You know you are loved when your dear ones…

  • offer you a stash of Samoas if yours runs out before you reach your deadline.
  • give you a list of things to watch out for at the end of your project that you wouldn’t have known to look for.
  • mention a much loved book that ends up being just what you need to read in the mornings while waiting for the Metro.
  • come into work on the weekend in large part so you won’t have to be there by yourself.
  • don’t complain about how late you are at the office for a month.
  • keep pots of soup on the stove for when you finally make it home at midnight.
  • send emails and texts checking in on you.
  • wash your workout gear so you will have something to wear this week.
  • make you tea so you have cups to drink when you drag yourself out of bed and when you arrive home.
  • snuggle into your lap as soon as you collapse at night.

Thank you all.

One more day…

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music on monday: lime in the coconut
posted by soe 12:05 am

To help heal what ails you:

Admittedly, this adaptation may have been chosen in part because it was half the length of the Harry Nilsson version. Although if you do listen to that rendition and, at the same time, play the David Seville version of “Witch Doctor,” you’ll find they mash up surprisingly well. Just sayin’…

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