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May 5, 2011

cleared out, numb3rs, and greetings
posted by soe 5:35 pm

Today is sunny and mild and a perfect spring day — the perfect time to reflect on three beautiful things from the past week:

1. After a grey and dreary day, rain clouds pass through, leaving the sky washed clear with pink cotton candy clouds decorating the horizon.

2. One of my favorite tv series of the Aughts comes to Netflix streaming. Having missed the first season when it originally aired, I greedily watch the first five episodes of Charlie and Don trying to build a working relationship.

3. A card arrives in the mail with Easter wishes. The entire inside is filled with notes and colors, spilling over onto the back. Real mail makes my mailbox (and me) happy, but particularly when it’s so ebullient in its expression.

[Incidentally, we have just passed the six-year anniversary of publishing three beautiful things each Thursday. Thanks to Clare, who inspired such a lovely way to spend a part of each week.]

How about your week? What was beautiful in it?

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three things…
posted by soe 1:38 am

Carole has, on occasion, written posts that are comprised of three lists of three related things. I’m stealing a post from her blog (it’s just not as seamless a phrase as the page-book metaphor) here:

Three things about my knitting:

1. I have three semi-active projects (meaning I’ve knit on each of them in the last three weeks) on my needles. All three were started at different times, but all three are green.

2. Sock Madness continues, but my portion of the insanity is done. I was knocked out of the competition Sunday night with only one+ of my socks done. I am still working on that sock. (Yes, it’s green.)

3. I have only bought two skeins of yarn so far this year. This streak may come to an end this weekend when Sarah and I head up to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival on Sunday. Or, perhaps, I’ll decide that I have enough pretty yarns that are in my stash at home. It could happen.

Three things I’m unreasonably frustrated by:

1. My work schedule is such this year that I won’t be able to go out to Portland this summer for Sock Summit.

2. One of my galoshes has developed a gash on the side. Large slices in your boots tend to defeat the waterproof nature generally prized in such items.

3. I can’t find the bars of soap I bought in France when I was there three years ago. (Hey, it was a practical souvenir!) It would now be generous to describe the current bar in the bathroom as a shard, and I refuse to buy more when I know I have several tucked safely away somewhere.

Three things I’m looking forward to this weekend:

1. Morels at the farmers’ market.

2. Climbing up to the top of the tower at the National Cathedral.

3. EU Day. I’m thinking I might try Belgium and Finland this year.

Feel free to share your own three random things in the comments.

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