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November 2, 2010

a spirited weekend
posted by soe 1:30 am

While thousands of people poured into D.C. in support of the Colbert/Stewart rally, I fled, seeking pumpkins.

It was a glorious day for a walk and drive in the countryside. The colors in the farmland were just beginning to show, really.

Cornfield and Colors

When I got out to Homestead Farm, I found it had already been taken over:

A Witch Is at the Hen House

Happy Halloween Hay Roll

Luckily, no one seemed to be haunting the pumpkin patch, so I found two excellent specimen.

Pumpkin Homeland

At the farm stand, I also picked up some apples, vegetables, and a large bowl of squash. They had a wide assortment of gourds, too.


As usual, their animals were excited to greet visitors to the farm.

A Trio of Troublemakers

Wooly Warden

Since our last visit over Labor Day weekend, the farm has some new residents:

What Did the Sixth Little Piggy Do?


Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy!

On Sunday, Rudi headed out for a mid-afternoon bike ride, while I got into costume:


It’s surprising, really. I’ve been able to braid my hair for 30 years and have complete muscle memory for it. But braiding it around a coat hanger? Immensely challenging…

Wielding fun hair spray? Totally fun. I wonder how my office would feel if I became a redhead more often…

Pippi and Her Pet

While Corey had captured Mr. Nilsson’s antics accurately, he just refused to wear a monkey costume… We made do.

I hope your Halloween weekend was equally enjoyable. Did you dress up? Go to parties? Take your wee ones trick or treating? Hand out candy?

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