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December 11, 2009

new coat, cheerful glow, and a cappella
posted by soe 1:49 am

How did it get to be Thursday already? And it’s the end of Thursday, even… That doesn’t seem fair. If I promise we don’t need to go back and work again, could we rewind to Monday?

But, no, time marches forward and all we can do is note three beautiful things to mark the passing of the time:

1. Who knew that all it would take to make Northern Virginia pretty is a fresh blanket of snow?

2. The living room glows pink when the Christmas tree is the only thing lit.

3. Glee had its fall finale on Wednesday, and I enjoyed the last episode as much as the first one we saw over the summer. It’s far from a perfect show. In fact, it might be the most flawed show I’ve ever loved, but love it I do. I can (almost) overlook the plot sinkholes and the egregious overuse of auto-tune because of the things the show does have going for it: A great soundtrack (the overproduction of the songs isn’t so obvious on the cd where there’s no dialogue to compare it to) you can sing along to. Characters you like (or like to hate). (Incidentally, I think Quinn might be my favorite, which was a surprise to me.) And a sense of joie de vivre I can’t find anywhere else on tv.

What beautiful things have you noticed recently?

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