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May 16, 2009

see you back here tomorrow
posted by soe 8:19 am

I know, I know! There are posts to be written, photos and stories to be shared. (And, in that spirit, feel free to listen to this week’s episode of Wait… Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Susan bought tickets and invited Julia, Sarah, and me to accompany her to the recording. I’ll can’t begin to guess how they squinched it down to an hour, but I can guarantee you’ll laugh at their antics.)

In the meantime, today is Rudi’s birthday and for his special day I want to clean the house. It’s a small apartment, which is the problem really. Or perhaps that we have too much stuff. Or that I have inherited my grandfather’s strong New England roots that dictate that anything that stops working should not be thrown out but, should, instead be preserved for days ahead when you might be able to fix/reuse/creatively change said broken item into something that does work and is usable. And, yes, I am aware that attitude works much better in a house with an attic, basement, and/or garage than it does in a tiny urban apartment. So I’m about to get down to it.

So, I’ll see you tomorrow, when it will be okay to return to stories. I hope none of them include scary things I unearth in today’s archeological dig…

And, if you’ve time, please stop by Rudi‘s blog and wish him a happy birthday. He’ll need it if he returns home before I’m done wielding broom, trash bag, and dust rag.

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