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June 23, 2007

posted by soe 10:54 pm

I seem unable to get myself dinner when I am by myself. Usually I rely on Rudi to rustle up some evening grub, but when he’s not here, it falls to me to make sure I eat — healthily and at a reasonable hour. So far, I’m 0-3:

  • Thursday night, I ordered a pizza at 11:15.
  • Last night, I ate a half pint of blueberries and a bowl of ice cream.
  • Tonight, I fried two eggs at 11:30 after deciding the ice cream I ate earlier ought not to be it for the night.

I wonder how poorly I’ll eat tomorrow night…

At least Monday night I now have plans with one or both of the Unshelved guys, so that’s one evening I know I’ll make a responsible choice. Maybe I’ll have to invite other people out to eat every night until Rudi returns…

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