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May 8, 2005

wee hours
posted by soe 2:34 am

Usually when I post something that registers as being written during “the wee hours,” my blog is lying. It seems to believe that midnight constitutes a wee hour, which, clearly, it does not, as 12 is large. But tonight it is 2:21 as I sit here and I do not want to go to bed.

It’s been a long day. Rudi and I got up early (for a Saturday), threw on our grubbies and headed over to a D.C. high school for a marathon painting session. Yes, the main second floor corridor door’s did look nicer by the time we finished. But it was discouraging that we got as little done as we did.

This afternoon, after a Paradise ice cream cone (raspberry ice cream with a chocolate fudge swirl), I came home and dozed off. It’s Jeremiah’s fault. He hopped up on my lap and went to sleep. It’s just very hard to stay awake with a sleeping cat on you.

Rudi woke me up for the Kentucky Derby (a surprisingly exciting 2 minutes of my day) and the end of the Nats game (a nice come-from-behind victory in the 9th) before he made us a lovely dinner of a ramp (a wild leek found in West Virginia that has a foraging period of about three weeks)-morel mushroom-chicken stirfry followed by asparagus and hollandaise (left over from the sauce I made earlier in the week).

Then we headed off to friends’ Siete de Mayo party. I enjoyed some of the conversations and seeing some friends I hadn’t seen in a while, but it was definitely the sort of party where it helped if you were drinking. I wasn’t, so I failed to find the enjoyment in the piƱata being set on fire in the neighbor’s yard or the beer bottle-M90 explosion. I mean, come on. How much alcohol must you have consumed when you’re amazed the M90 shattered the bottle?

Since arriving home a little more than an hour ago, I’ve just been sitting here, surfing the web. I sort of feel like the day passed me by without a whole lot getting accomplished. Clearly this isn’t true; I did quite a bit. It just wasn’t a satisfying sort of day and some part of me feels like I ought to stay up until it becomes satisfying. The sane part of me realizes that’s just likely to make me grumpy tomorrow, though, so I think I should head to bed. There’s a farm market in the morning and the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and a potential bike ride in that area in the afternoon. I wouldn’t want to miss out on those because I stayed up in pursuit of an elusory ending to today.

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