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December 29, 2017

extra time, scenic, and to the top
posted by soe 2:12 am

Three beautiful things from my past week:

Christmas Balls

1. I sent Rudi, who had to work this week, home in an airplane on Tuesday so I, who had the week off, could have a couple extra days in Connecticut with my folks and a chance to spend an afternoon with my best friend, Karen. I’ll have to drive home alone tomorrow, which will totally have been worth it. Plus, if I’m by myself I get to listen to only the things I want to hear.

Boxing Day Sunset

2. Connecticut has been hit in quick succession by ice, snow, and, now, the cold snap enveloping the East Coast. This means it’s gorgeous, if freezing, out right now, with glittering trees and snowy expanses of fields. My parents’ yard was particularly picturesque on Christmas Day, when it looked like we were celebrating in the middle of a Currier & Ives painting.

Currier & Ives Christmas

3. My parents live at the top of a long, hilly driveway, which drops off on one side into the surrounding woods. Getting up it in the winter, particularly in my 25-year-old car, can be a little dicey, so each time it’s skidded back from the ice to the pavement and revved its way over the steep curves, I have been truly grateful.

Putnam Falls

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world lately?

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I can practically feel the cold coming off that last picture. Of course, that’s because I know how cold it was that day. Brrrr!

Comment by Karen 12.29.17 @ 6:53 pm

What lovely pictures! Beauty around here is snowladen trees dotted with red cardinals and nuthatches. There is beauty in the snow prints too. I guess the deer are really here, but only in the night when we are asleep. Their prints are abundant.
Also beautiful is the truck which sits in the garage and never needs to have the windsheild defrosted . For 33 years we had no working garage. It is a beautiful thing here in WIsconsin now

Comment by kathy b 12.29.17 @ 7:25 pm