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February 11, 2010

full stop, clear, and return to normal
posted by soe 11:16 pm

Did you know that I have been thinking about snow non-stop since the last time I wrote a three beautiful things post? Well, why stop now? Three beautiful snow-related things on this lovely Thursday night:

1. For essentially a whole week, the entire region ground to a halt. Flakes became inches, which in turn became feet. Metro experienced its slowest days ever. People were home from work. Streets were free of cars. Silence reigned. This is not a town that under normal circumstances likes to slow down, so it was a true pleasure to see its residents forced to have to hang up the dark suits and put on colorful galoshes, whether it be to shovel or to throw snow at one another.

2. Our sidewalks are clear thanks to Rudi’s constant attention through the two storms. And we have twice cleared our car and dug out a path for it to reach the street. When we find cement or pavement, it is cause to celebrate, particularly since the snow banks have grown to the same height as the car’s roof.

3. After an impromptu staycation of four days, the email arrives telling us to come back to work. We are ready. It is time. And isn’t that beautiful indeed?

What’s been beautiful in your world?

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