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November 4, 2009

dear voters of maine
posted by soe 1:04 am

Dear Voters of Maine,

As of 1 a.m. on the morning after the election, you’re letting this New England girl down. I hope late-reporting districts and absentee ballots will show you to be a more compassionate people than the early returns suggest you to be.



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i woke up hoping for better news. i’m thoroughly let down and pissed. we’re so much better than this!!!

Comment by laura 11.04.09 @ 6:15 am

@laura: I agree. I really thought that by the time we got up that they would have sorted themselves out. So frustrating! But at least D.C. has their heads on straight — provided Congress doesn’t get in our way.

Comment by soe 11.07.09 @ 10:36 am