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February 24, 2021

heading outdoors . . . i think
posted by soe 1:47 am

I’ve decided that this spring I might be willing and ready to play outdoor volleyball again, in part for the mental health benefits it offers. I’ve emailed my former teammates to see if any of them are interested, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that some of them might be available.

A couple of my teammates played outdoors last fall, and the report I heard after the first couple weeks was that the league was was relatively good about mask wearing and social distancing from other teams and on the sidelines. Volleyball is one of those sports where there you do end up in close proximity to your teammates and some competitors, and some contact with teammates can happen as you’re chasing after a ball and trying not to knock each other down. So it’s not without risk. But it’s also not basketball, where it can’t be played without automatically coming into contact with everyone else on the court. And being outdoors definitely helps lower the risks of spreading disease.

How are you thinking about risk management as we move into year #2 of COVID? Will you continue to stay home and isolated? Were you never paying attention to those recommendations to begin with?

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we actually went dog sledding and the musher wore a mask the whole time. He was on the sled and we were under him. Today , it was sunny but cold. So,……we masked up, got subs and took our friend Mike (an hour away) for a walk and outside lunch. Mike has depression and dementia. We just heard we qualify for the expanded 1b list. Finding the shots will be the trick, but we are glad to be in the group allowed to get a vaccine now. Once we have the vaccine, yes we will liberate ourselves a bit, but still mask of course.

Comment by kathy b 02.25.21 @ 6:30 pm